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In order to support the Austrian government in its national action plan against deep fake manipulations (Link) and corruption, the EF4FE is delivering an artificial intelligence (AI) - based analysis (by using the logic of multidimensional entangled systems on the basis of the basic principles of category theory within a regulatory sandbox) with regard to the possibilities of infiltrating democratic institutions and the Austrian Rule of Law by using "message control", "Bernay ́s propaganda playbooks and schemes", "Omitting butter/bottom notes within a narrative", "doublespeak", "framing", "deep fake image based storytelling", "context-free, non-objective measure strategies", "tabloidization and emotionalisation strategies", "trolling", "flood the zone with shit strategies", "eyewitness based alternative fact strategies", "sleight of mouth pattern (NLP)", "SLAPP strategies" and "behavioral economics methods" within mutually supportive structures of cooperation (cross-party quarterback systems) in connection with the optimization and increase in efficiency of judicial proceedings for the purpose of scalable and risk-free money creation to the WKStA and the Austrian Minister of Justice on the 31th of March, 2023. For the first time worldwide a whole court case has been supported from a strategic and tactical point of view by an artificial intelligence logic (AI-based traffic analysis) to disclose and investigate hidden and unofficial cause-effect correlations. More generally, the result of this analysis clearly sets out how defenseless and unprotected western democratic institutions are to deep fake manipulations, tabloidization and cognitive warfare. To show how electronic cognitive systems and artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to defense democratic institutions against deep fake manipulations and cognitive and electronic warfare (EW) the EF4FE will additionally provide a summary of the analysis to the Austrian State Security and Intelligence Directorate (DSN), the Austrian Academy of Science (ÖAW) and the European Parliament (EP).